5 Alternative Ways to Use Vases

5 Alternative Ways to Use Vases

From Retro to Art Glass, Vases don't have to be used for just for flowers. Create new and exciting ways to showcase those hidden or forgotten about vases.

1. Sand Tree Center Pieces- Fill a clear glass vase 3/4 full of sand. Arrange and push long pieces of drift wood into the sand. String shells and dry seaweed from the branches. Add twinkle lights for a great night time effect.

2. Candle creations- Arrange odd sized clear vases on a table or mantle piece. Place candles inside and light when you want the mood to sparkle.

3. Herb Vases- Unused vases laying around? Why not create a cool in vogue herb garden using odd vases.


4. Use large vases for ice buckets. Fill 2/3 full of ice. Insure that your bottle of wine or champagne can been seen out the top of the vase.

5. Vase Terrarium - In old vases create succulent or fern terrariums. Add stones, sand and coloured pebbles as a unique touch.

All these photos are for your inspiration. If you don't have extra vases as home. Jump onto our website and have a look at the huge range of antique and secondhand vases.