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Paperweights are not just for the office. They can be used as elegant door stops, bookends or a talking pieces on a mantel or shelf.  Paperweights were believed to originate in Venice c.1843. A Paperweight is created by placing tiny sliced sections of coloured glass canes or rods together. The canes can be densely packed or scattered to create fruit, flowers or patterns. They are then covered with a dome of clear glass to magnify the design. There were three main companies who started producing Paperweights. These French companies moved to the USA and become highly successful in the early...

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Originally dolls houses were known as baby houses. They took form usually from a card board box or on a shelf in a home. This was to allow dolls furniture and dolls to be displayed.  Traditionally the houses facades were painted in plain colours This was to hide any architectural or domestic design. Architectural details were added in the later half of the 18th century. They were usually modeled on famous houses such as Norwich, Nostell Priory, UpPark House and even Strangers Hall. These then resembling the dolls houses we see today. We have some unique dolls house furniture, miniture...

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Want Christmas decor with a unique difference? Antiques are the way to go when giving your Christmas table, mantle or Christmas display that point of difference. Here are some creative ways to create that taking point around the table, Display your candy canes in crystal or cut glass vessels. Arrange the vessels on your table or mantle using a variety of heights to add depth to your display. Glass and porcelain comports are great for displaying Christmas cherries, nuts, fruit mince pies or chocolates. Festive glass wear is always a must at any event. We have tall stemmed champagne glasses,...

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