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Paperweights are not just for the office. They can be used as elegant door stops, bookends or a talking pieces on a mantel or shelf. 

Paperweights were believed to originate in Venice c.1843. A Paperweight is created by placing tiny sliced sections of coloured glass canes or rods together.

The canes can be densely packed or scattered to create fruit, flowers or patterns. They are then covered with a dome of clear glass to magnify the design.

There were three main companies who started producing Paperweights. These French companies moved to the USA and become highly successful in the early 1800s. Britain did not start producing Paperweights until 1848.

Key Facts about Paperweights:

Paperweights generally between 5-10cm in diameter

Old Paperweights tend to be a lot heavier than reproductions.

No two Paperweights are the same.

Millefori designs are the most popular design.

How will you display yours?