Antiques In Autumn

Antiques In Autumn

Days are shorter, nights longer and temperatures dropping. Get sorted for Autumn entertainment by creating centerpieces and arrangements in your home. Cosy up with rich warm hues with a touch of dried flowers.

Candles and Candelabras - For those darker nights reach for those underused candle sticks. Candles create ambience in any room casting shadows and licking up the walls. Make a statement with free standing wrought iron candelabras beside the mantel or entrance to your home.


Create a centerpiece with vintage silver plated branched candle sticks or light up a bookcase with an enamel wee willy winky to highlight your favorite book titles.

Creating Autumn Centerpieces or Displays - Find your silver plated tray which has been tucked away at the back of the cupboard and load it up with tea light candles, jugs or vases filled with twigs and sticks and glass vessels stacked with pine cones. Don't polish your tray leave it tarnished to create a rustic earthy look to your display. The best thing about the display being on a tray is that it is easily moved or changed at any time.

Autumn Coffee Breaks with Friends - Warm up on those misty mornings with a  hot pot of coffee. Whether its brewed in a large traditional Temuka coffee pot or a vintage metal stove top percolator. Invite your guests round and enjoy a chat and a mug of your favorite brew.

Being Fire Ready -  Get ready to light the fire by making sure you have the perfect size basket. Whether its cane or Rattan, shallow or deep line it with hessian or an old coffee sack to stop small pieces of wood or kindling falling out. This also gives the basket an earthy appeal while being practical.

Autumn Arrangements - Decorate your bookcase or window sill with rich brown and amber bottles. Arrange them in descending order and create height with sprigs or dried flowers or branches with autumn leaves.

Pictures have been taken from etsy, pinterest for inspiration. We have a huge array of baskets, candle sticks, Temuka pottery, bottles and silver plated trays for you to create and design your own unique Autumn display.