Antiques As Unique As You

Antiques As Unique As You

There are many benefits to decorating or furnishing with secondhand or Antique items.

When you first set foot in an Antique shop you may feel overwhelmed due to the clutter, multiple options and the uncertainty of how these items will fit, look or represent your style at home or in your office. But don't worry you will find tons of inspiration, something authentically you something unique.

The questions you need to ask yourself are

  1. What do I love? Is it a colour, an animal, an era of time or a pattern?
  2. What brings me joy? Is it flicking through an old novel, listening to vintage vinyl records or playing with that old china teaset.
  3. What makes me smile? Remembering what Nana used to let you look at in the china cabinet or what mum used to serve all her cakes on at family events.
  4. What creates conversation? Odd vases, taxidermy animals or abstracted paintings

Now start browsing. Whether you have an interest of an array of items or a passion for a specific ornament, sifting through Antique shops can help define your vision or expand your search.

Embrace variety and ease into a collection or category. Select a colour, a texture, material (for example pottery or glass )and start to build your collection.

The next thing to think is storage or display. Sometimes the art of displaying can be as important as the collection itself. You could choose a Victorian lead light cabinet, a Rimu shelf or oak side board and arrange each piece with care and precision.

Enjoy the process of discovery, the thrill of the find and then marvel in the collection you have created, As Unique As You.