Bling with Brooches

Bling with Brooches

Brooches started out life as a functional item to hold together garments or cloth.

Back in the Bronze Age brooches were made from natural materials such as bone, shell, wood or stone.

Throughout the centuries brooches were refined and crafted using jewels and precious metals. In the 1800 brooches became more popular and around the 1900 the locking C clasp was invented, stopping brooches from falling off.

Now days brooches bring class, elegance and life to outfits or items of clothing.

Here are our 6 top ways to wear a brooch:

  1. Traditional Lapel -On an evening jacket, winter coat or work suit.
  2. Dress up a boring bag- Whether its leather, cloth or a tot. Make your bag stand out with a brooch.
  3. Hat or Cap- Decorate your Beret, knitted hat or summer straw hat with a brooch and add glamour to your outfit.
  4. Adorn a Dress- Get creative and jazz up that little black dress with some sparkles or a linen dress with a splash of colour.
  5. Fasten a Scarf- a more traditional way of using brooches but is a great way to change up an outfit.
  6. Style your Waistline - Whether its empire line dress, cross over or wrap around draw attention too your waistline to accentuate your curves.

Don't hide those brooches away any more, get creative and experiment adding them to your wardrobe.

If you don't have any or need to top up your collection we have a huge variety to choose from for all occasions.