How do you like your tea?

How do you like your tea?

How do you like your tea? Strong with sugar, milky and weak?

Porcelain or bone china are the preferred vessel to drink tea out of but did you know the history of tea and all the tea components.

Tea sets or tea services are a collection of cups saucers and plates, milk and sugar bowl, jugs,  cake plates, spoons and tea caddies. These can all be matching or mismatch depending on your tastes. 

Tea originated in China in the Han Dynasty (206–220 BC)

Tea was just drunk as an elixir rather than a daily drink.

The teapot was developed in the song dynasty (960–1279 A.D). Its remains were found by archaeologists at a dig site in China. It was known as a Yixing tea pot. These were also call Zi Sha Hu, due to the purple color they turned when they were fired due to the Iron Ore in the clay. 

Tea has many different significant and cultural differences, but the most common components are the same. They consist of a tea pots, teacups, strainers or infuses, tea bag holders, tea caddys, Tea cozies teaspoons, milk and sugar bowls. 

Teasets are made from many different types of materials. Silver, opaque cloisone, electroplated Silver, pottery and porcelain.

So how do you like your tea?