Eyeing up some Art?

Eyeing up some Art?

Need to add to your art collection or redecorate a wall in your home? Come in and explore our frame room.

Whether you are looking for traditional English art or abstract prints. We have a huge range of options to suit any ones taste.

Hunt through the many frame racks, the stacks lining the floor and follow your eye around the walls.  Refresh your walls with a piece of realism, a bold botanical water colour or get inspired with textures. Get adventurous with rich warm hues, be bold with thick wooden frames or decorate with delicate fine metal options.

Let the Art on your wall tell a story about you and your personality. 

Adore your walls and choose pieces which speak to you. 
You may want to consider mixing media. I suggest trying,

  • Wooden frames with China plates!
  • Wall vases filled with dried flowers beside a metal wreath! 
  • A gold gilt mirror with mosaic hearts? 

Don’t be scared to be creative, remember it’s something that can be changed or updated regularly.

Happy Hanging