Hop into Easter with Bunnykins

Hop into Easter with Bunnykins

Royal Doulton Bunnykins table wear and figurines came to life in the 1930s, created by Mary Barbara Bailey. Mary was not a professional illustrator but a nun.

Mr and Mrs Bunny became well known table ware in England, especially after Princess Elizabeth and Princess Margaret were known to have there own sets.

These lively bunnys were always dressed in human clothing and scenes set in rural or small towns in England doing recreational activities.

Our top five favorite designs are:

  1. Family Cycling Tour
  2. Netting a Cricket
  3. Family in the Garden (1940)
  4. Conducting the Orchestra (1967)
  5. Santa Claus (1940)

Bunnykins items are the perfect gift for a new baby, Christening, birthdays, Easter and Christmas.

There are Bunnykins bowls, plates, mugs and egg cups.

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