How Bizarre?

How Bizarre?

The fantastic Bizarre work of Clarice Cliff is one of our favorite potters.

Clarice Cliffs Bizarre ceramics are a spectacular array of Art Deco shapes and designs. She used contemporary and angular aspects with many of her ceramics, including teapots, cups and sugar shakers.

Geometric flowers, diamond leaves with angular zigzags featured on many of her ceramics.

Taking inspiration from her Garden in England, her long time love of flowers influenced her vibrant pottery.

Our Top 5 Clarice Cliff Picks;

Capri -1935, simple garden patterns with orange, yellow and brown flora.


Crocus- Clarice Cliffs signature pattern. Free hand painted flowers in numerous colours taking their name from the seasons, Crocus Autumn. 1928-1963


Latona - Its name has been given because of its milky coloured glaze. Orange dominated with black leaves and geometric lines at the neck of the vase. 1929-1931


My Garden- Is heavy embossed with handpainted flowers in enamel colours and pale bodies.


Trees and House- 1929-1930-with large flowers in the foreground and classic Clarice Cliff cottage in the distance