Manning Up Antiques: Vintage with a Masculine Edge

Manning Up Antiques: Vintage with a Masculine Edge

Some men believe Antiques and Antique shops are for ladies and old timers. But not ANTIQUE ALLEY.

Come on guys, man up and come in and see what you can find, there are many very masculine products.

Lets start with the stacks of vintage records in the upstairs room. Rock, Punk and even a little Classical. Vinyl records have made a comeback over the last few years due to their authentic sound.

Moving on to the liquor department. We have masculine decanters to hold a proper mans Gin, heavy set whiskey tumblers and if not a spirit drinker then a classic German beer stein may be for you.

Now if that's not hands on enough for you then lets move onto the tool creates. Old saws, unknown nuts and bolts and planes, planes and more planes.

What about adding to your next boys night with vintage cribbage boards, counters, and enlayed wooden card boxes.

So come in to Antique Alley when you have a spare hour and rummage through boxes and flick through postcards and man up with Antiques.