Our Top Three New Zealand made pottery

Our Top Three New Zealand made pottery

Do you love vintage New Zealand Pottery as much as we do? 
Naturally locally made pieces are twice as nice. let’s celebrate the countries three most renowned pottery companies are in our little country. 
Timaru Potteries was originally called South Canterbury Pottery and Mining Company. 
They produced pieces of pottery from the 1930s until it closed in 1959, using clay from Mt Somers north of Timaru. 

During the Second World War the company helped supply the government with crocks, ceramic jars and bottles. These were used to transport petrol and ointment to troops overseas. 
After the end of the war, Timaru Potteries move to producing decorative items, mugs, mixing bowls and vases. 

Our next famous pottery company is Temuka Pottery.

Temuka Pottery began producing their iconic wares in 1931. The brand is named after its location in Canterbury but now a lot is produced in Palmerston North. 1970s brown stoneware dinner sets are still well sort after today and we’re a stable in every house. Temuka pottery had numerous store locations around New Zealand including Auckland, Dunedin and Rotorua.

The most Collectable and iconic of all the Pottery brands is Crown Lynn. 
Crown Lynn was produced in New Lynn out of the old Amalgamated Brick and Pipe Company with  1000s of items now fill the shelves at the Te Toi Uku Museum, which is operated by the Portage Ceramics Trust.

Crown Lynn sport many different stamps and other labels including Kelston, Titian and Ambrico.

Crown Lynn comes in many shapes, sizers and colours. Retro dinner sets, colour glaze cups and saucers, ashtrays, towel rail ends and most of all their iconic vases  

Keep a little piece of New Zealand History alive in your home.