The fascination with the royal family has been around for generations.
British royalty memorabilia items were created for special events and occasion. This has even been dated back to the 17 century capturing weddings, anniversaries, coronations, Royal visits, births and deaths. Items vary widely in their physical forms from the conventional to the bizarre.

Most commonly being chinaware, spoons and tins to the less frequently seen teddy bears, keyrings and even bikinis. At Antique Alley we don’t have bikinis but we have a large variety of tins whiskey bells and glassware.

Many famous Chinaware manufacturers love to commemorate these special occasions from Paragon plates to Wedgwood pin dishes to Royal Worcester dinner sets and Royal Doulton mugs. 

Rare pieces include Queen Elizabeth Toby jugs, Enamel boxes, First day covers and silver lidded jugs. 

Even New Zealand own pottery company Crown Lynn have their own range of mugs, trios and butter dishes featuring the Queen and her special days.

Taking care of your Royalty Ware  can be tricky, just remember to wash chinaware and glass in a mild detergent with warm water the careful of any gilding and never soak. 
Tins should be wiped gently with a cloth and a small amount of lighter fluid could be used to remove sticky residue, never use nail polish remover. 

So take care of those commemorative items and get lost in the history of the British monarchy.