We Buy and Sell, Almost Anything

We Buy and Sell, Almost Anything

Antiques have made a resurgence in home decor in the last few years. Popping up in House and Garden magazines, and on UK television with many shows dedicated to finding and repairing antiques (The Repair Shop) and even gracing local New Zealand television with shows such as The Block NZ and The Apprentice Aotearoa.

Antiques create talking points in a home whether it’s reliving childhood memories or discussing the unique details (or value) of the piece. Every item has a story, a history, and those memories live on through the new owners. Every item in Antique Alley has a purpose, a personality and a use. But its purpose does not have to define it. For example, a vase does not have to just hold flowers in water, it could be used in a kitchen to hold utensils, filled with sand and shells as a centerpiece on a table or even as a candle holder. We give items a second chance to be cherished, talked about or used in another way.

We want to help stop fast consumerism and the throwaway society so prevalent today. So why not come in and see what you can find and discover?

What memories can you unlock? It could be as simple as Nana having the same teaset or something that you read about in a historical novel not really knowing what it looked like.

We are a young couple with young kids, trying to keep the past alive for future generations. Our goal is to encourage people to reuse, upcycle, repurpose and be creative. We are not big box corporate retail. Antique Alley is a local family business. New Zealand owned and operated. Our stock is unique. We are unique.