Your Summer Polishing Project

Your Summer Polishing Project

We get asked all the time the best way to polish silver, how often and the best technique. Here are a few tips to help keep your silverware at its sparkling best.

  • The Non Toxic Method - place hot, salty water with baking soda into an aluminum pan. Stir until the salt and baking soda has dissolved. Soak pieces of silverware until a chemical reaction occurs. Leave for a few hours then remove from solution and dry.
  • Silver Cloths -These cloths are highly effective and made especially for removing tarnishes called Patina. These cloths are perfect if you only have a few items to polish.
  • Liquid Silver Polish - This is our recommended way of cleaning silver but it is messy and a labour intensive. Pour the polish onto large non abrasive sponges, ensuring you wear rubber gloves, polish the silver over a bucket. Wash well with cold water and leave to dry.

Remember to take care of your Silverware and wash soon after use. Food which are high in salt and acid (tomatoes) can cause damage and pitting.

We recommend polishing your silverware twice a year to guarantee its longevity.

Enjoy owning your beautiful silverware and check out our Sterling Silver items